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Updating the Feedback Feature

Our team is working to update the way users can provide feedback on ODIN!

In the interim, if you would like to provide feedback or suggestions to the ODIN Team please e-mail us at odin_feedback@army.mil

Check out the new Chinese Tactics Publication ATP 7-100.3

Available now at:


The first DATE-Pacific Training Support Package (TSP) is online!

The TSP provides a “starter kit” of DATE-P Operational Environment information for the conflict between North Torbia and South Torbia. It includes an OEA, Road to War Narrative, Mission Analysis Brief, Order of Battle, and Annex B (Intelligence). The TSP is the Featured Exercise on the TRADOC G2 Exercise Support Application at https://oedata.army.mil/esa/

The Threat Tactics Course is now online!

The 40-hour course is available in a DL format divided in to two phases. Phase 1 covers foundational concepts of the OE and threat tactics, and is available now to anyone through JKO. Phase 2 is instructor-facilitated on MS Teams with scheduling beginning in January 2021. Access Phase 1 on JKO at this link: https://jkodirect.jten.mil/Atlas2/page/login/Login.jsf Simply login with a CAC or request a username and password, click on the Course Catalog link and search “OPFOR” in the “Name” search box.

Check out the new Infographics Published by TRADOC G-2.

Select the link below each description and download them today!

Thumbnail OEandThreatApplicationInfographic.png
The first infographic depicts the foundational sources that guide and inform TRADOC G2's development of realistic OE conditions and Threat representations.


Thumbnail OPFORComparisonInfographic.png
The second infographic provides OPFOR Practitioners with a comparison between the composite threat actors provided in the Training Circular (TC) 7-100 Series, and the specific threat actors discussed in the Army Techniques Publication (ATP) 7-100 Series.


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