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RPG-29 Vampir Russian Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher

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"Russia (RUS)"
"PRO_Iran (Islamic Republic of)"
"PRO_North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea)"
"PRO_Russian Federation"
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notes"The RPG-29 is one of the deadliest rocket launchers in use today. The RPG-29 "Vampir" is a Soviet reusable rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) launcher. Adopted by the Soviet Army in 1989, it was the last RPG to be adopted by the Soviet military before the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. The RPG-29 has since been supplemented by other rocket-propelled systems, such as the RPG-30 and RPG-32. The RPG-29 has been implicated in an attack on the British Challenger 2, as well as in attacks on invading Israeli Merkava tanks in Lebanon, which breached the tanks' armor and in some cases injured or killed members of the crew. The RPG-29 is a shoulder-launched, unguided, tube-style, breech-loading anti-tank rocket system with a range of 500 meters. The light weapon is designed to be carried and used by a single soldier. On the top of the launch tube is a 2.7×1P38 optical sight. When launched, the missile deploys eight fins as the rocket leaves the launcher, stabilizing the rocket during flight, up to a range of 500 meters. Two warheads are available for the weapon: * The TBG-29V thermobaric anti-personnel round. * The PG-29V anti-tank/anti-bunker round has a tandem-charge HEAT warhead for defeating explosive reactive armor (ERA). This warhead is standardized with that of the PG-7VR round fired by the RPG-7V rocket launcher.[8] The comprises two charges—an initial small charge triggers any reactive armor. If ERA or cage armor is absent, this charge strikes the main armor. Behind the primary charge, a much larger secondary-shaped charge bursts at the rear of the initial warhead and projects a thin, high-speed jet of metal into the armor compromised by the first charge. PG-29V is capable of killing hard targets, including tanks with ERA. The RPG-29 is unusual among Russian anti-tank rocket launchers in that it lacks an initial propellant charge to place the projectile at a safe distance from the operator before the rocket ignites. Instead, the rocket engine starts as soon as the trigger is pulled, and burns out before the projectile leaves the barrel. On the bottom of the tube is a shoulder brace for proper positioning along with a pistol grip trigger mechanism. A 1PN51-2 night sight can be fitted."
countryOfOrigin"Russia (RUS)"
proliferation"Algeria, Iran (Islamic Republic of), Mexico, North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea), Pakistan, Russian Federation, Syria, Ukraine, Viet Nam"
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"Iran (Islamic Republic of)"
"North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea)"
"Russian Federation"
"Viet Nam"
name"Alternative Designation"
value"RPG-29 Vampir"
value"Shoulder-launched, unguided, tube-style, breech-loading anti-tank rocket system"
value"105 mm"
value"Bazalt, SEDENA"
value"The pintle permits the launcher to attach to a tripod ground mount or a vehicle mount. The RPG-29 can be broken down into two parts for one soldier carry (launcher unit front section, and grenade/canister rear section). It can be made ready to fire within a few seconds with quick connect couplings. A folding bipod is provided to assist aiming during prone firing. "
name"Crew "
name"Muzzle Velocity"
value"230 m/s"
name"Rate of Fire"
value"4–6 rds/min"
name"Direct Firing Range"
value"300 m"
name"Sighting Range"
value"500 m"
name"Penetration, Homogeneous Armor (Behind ERA)"
value"Less than 600 mm"
name"Penetration, Concrete"
value"Less than 1,500 mm"
name"Penetration, Brickwork"
value"Less than 2,000 mm"
name"Penetration, Log and Earth"
value"3,700 mm"
name"Length, Launcher in Carrying Position"
value"1,000 mm"
name"Length, Launcher in Firing Position"
value"1,850 mm"
value"105 mm"
name"Weight, Launcher"
value"11.5 kg"
name"Weight, Round PG-29V"
value"6.1 kg"
name"Weight, Round TBG-29V"
value"6.7 kg"
name"Weight, Warhead"
value"4.5 kg"
name"Weight, Explosive (Main Warhead)"
value"1.4 kg"
name"RPG-29 "
notes"Night sight only shoulder-launch variant"
notes"Night sight only shoulder-launch variant"
notes"An RPG-29 with newer electro-optical sights, i.e. KPUO and VWO 2TS35, that have an integrated laser rangefinder and day/night compatibility. This variant operates like a recoilless rifle on a collapsible tripod mount."
notes"it is reportedly an Iranian version of the RPG-29."
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