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9K115 Metis (AT-7 Saxhorn) Russian Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM)

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"Infantry Weapons"
"Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (ATGM)"
"Russia (RUS)"
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notes"The 9K115 Metis (English: "Mongrel"; NATO reporting name AT-7 Saxhorn) is a man-portable, tube-launched, SACLOS wire-guided anti-tank guided missile of the Soviet Union. It is considered the Soviet counterpart to the American M47 Dragon ATGM. The relatively small AT-7 missile was generally underpowered compared to contemporary armored threats, and consequently, it was little exported and little used in combat. The missile was developed by the Tula KBP. It is very similar to the 9K111 Fagot in external appearance (having three main fins); however, the missile is much lighter—primarily because of the reduced fuel load, which reduces the maximum range to 1,000 meters (3,300 ft). During the 1980s, an upgraded version of the missile was developed—the Metis-M 9M131 (sometimes labeled Metis-2). Fired from the same launcher, the new missile is much larger and heavier, with an increased range and a larger warhead. The NATO designation for this missile is AT-13 Saxhorn-2. The missile is fired from the 9P151 launching post, which has a simple tripod for support. It can also be fired from the shoulder, but this apparently requires more skill on the part of the operator. The launching post weighs 10.2 kilograms (22 lb). The missile is launched from the tube by a booster rather than the gas generator used on the 9K111 Fagot system, despite both missiles being designed by the same design bureau. The 9S816 guidance system is powered by a thermal battery attached to the launch tube shortly before launch and the missile itself is remotely powered along the guidance wires. The missile can be launched from an enclosed space, such as a building or cave, but requires at least 6 meters (20 ft) behind the launcher, and a total internal volume of at least 100 cubic meters (3,500 cu ft). The missile has a short minimum range of 40 meters (130 ft) and can engage targets moving at up to 60 kilometers per hour (37 mph). The missile's warhead is a single HEAT-shaped charge that can penetrate 460 mm of armor."
countryOfOrigin"Russia (RUS)"
proliferation"Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Kurdistan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Micronesia (Federated States of), North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea), Russian Federation, South Korea (Republic of Korea), South Sudan, Syria, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Yemen"
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"Bosnia and Herzegovina"
"Micronesia (Federated States of)"
"North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea)"
"Russian Federation"
"South Korea (Republic of Korea)"
"South Sudan"
name"Alternative Designations"
value"9K115 Metis; NATO: AT-7 Saxhorn"
value"Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM)"
value"KBP Instrument Design Bureau"
name"Primary Mount"
value"Ground mount on tripod"
name"Guidance System"
value"SACLOS, wire‐guided"
value"HEAT shaped charge"
name"Average Speed"
value"180 m/s"
name"Maximum Range"
value"1,000 m"
name"Minimum Range"
value"40 m"
name"Rate of Fire"
value"3–4 rds/min"
name"Armor Penetration"
value"460 mm"
name"Length, Containerised Missile"
value"768 mm"
name"Length, Missile"
value"733 mm"
name"Diameter, Missile"
value"93 mm"
name"Launcher Weight"
value"10 kg"
name"Thermal Imager Weight"
name"Containerised Missile Weight"
value"6.0 kg"
name"Missile Weight"
value"4.8 kg"
name"9K115 Metis"
notes"The 9K115 Metis system is similar to the 9K111 Fagot and 9K111‐1 Konkurs systems (see separate entries) but is smaller and simpler. The 9K115 system comprises the tripod‐mounted 9P151 ground launching system (GLS) and the 9M115 round of ammunition."
name"9K115-1 Metis-M"
notes"The 9K115‐1 Metis‐M uses the improved 9P151M launcher system and the new, larger‐diameter 9M131 and 9M131F missiles that are housed in larger revised‐design CLUs."
name"9K115-2 Metis-M1"
notes"The 9K115‐2 Metis‐M1 is an improved version of the Metis‐M. Improvements, it is claimed, have extended the firing range and enhanced the lethality of the missiles."
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